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  • 10% of the total income of the project will be directed to the prize drawing fund between the owners of NFT 3D Urban Style

  • Increase your income by selling handmade collectibles on the marketplace

  • Charity 
    Part of the 3d Urban style mission is to donate 10% of the money raised to the animal shelter "Right to Life", this action is dedicated to animals that have been abandoned in trouble in large and small cities

  • Lottery
    Who gets one of the 15 popular ntfs 3d urban avatars from our Twitter, will receive a cash prize

  • Ticket
    buying nft, you get a huge discount on the 3D Urban Style 2.0 animation collection 

About Us


     3D UrbanStyle is an NFT digital collection modeled in two 3D creation programs. Each character has a special visual characteristic consisting of stylish clothes, hairstyles and accessories, which together gives the uniqueness of NFT.

        On our Twitter, we tell the stories of our characters, what they do in the city, what their hobbies are and why they are dressed like that. So, let's liven up the weekdays in the city. There are guys who work hard at work, earning their bucks. And yes, they are not just office plankton. They are going to become real bosses because they know their value and are not afraid to show what they are capable of. And someone from our team strives for new knowledge at the university. They have to sit in books until night for the sake of boring exams, but they know that this is only a step on the way to their bright future. And then there are those who refuse to accept these boring rules at all. They choose the road of less resistance, but who says it's bad? They play their game, their free soul is not tied to anyone. They don't need any diplomas or corporate jackets, they are happy to be themselves. Believe me, these characters are part of the modern culture of the big city. Find your story in one of our cool works. Let's show the world that the youth in the city are real heroes, making their way through life with courage and style!

    Owning NFT from 3D UrbanStyle gives access to a number of special advantages. Owners can get unique access to upcoming releases, participate in a targeted community, receive discounts or exclusive incentives, and possibly have a say in the development of the project through voting or management processes.

NFT avatars 3D

You will find a unique design of attributes in our collection



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Pravda Vcube


I'm Vadim 30 years old,
3D artist, engaged in motion graphics

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Сommunity manager

I'm Nina 23 years old, blockchain developer

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